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Used machinery

Unlike companies selling used equipment that only buy and sell, Sertiber has spacious facilities to examine, check, repair and even completely replace the used equipment from its own supply. In order to simplify the choice of the construction machinery that better suits your needs, we have established five quality levels according to the standards of Sertiber. When an inspection and reparations are carried out (in any level except for “sold as seen”), a written report is attached with pictures of each machine.

Choice of the quality level.

You can choose among five quality levels for the used machinery.

  • Sold as seen, the lowest price possible for their condition when they are moved away from the working area.
  • Cleaned, examined and repaired, in good working conditions.
  • Used with the approval of Sertiber with a known background, value for money.
  • Completely rebuilt by Sertiber, reconditioned with original components of the manufacturer and with the possibility of doing customized adaptations.
  • Not used/ new. Previously and in large quantities ordered purchases to avoid prolonged deadlines. 


Cleaned, examined and repaired


limpiadasOnce cleaned, examined and repaired, the machinery is delivered in the working area in good operable condition, and they are good tools if you need used machinery at an attractive price.

Machines are examined and repaired at our workshop as follows:

  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Workshop inspection
  • Necessary repairs
  • Quickly available for re-sale

Sertiber reconstruction program


reconstruccion1reconstruccion2Machines of the Sertiber reconstruction program are subject to a comprehensive inspection and evaluation before carrying out the full reconditioning in our workshop.

In some cases only the original structure is kept and all the spare parts are replaced. If necessary, it is possible to update the machine and reconstruct it with state-of-the-art technology, so it may be even more efficient than when it was new.

It is also possible to make a customized reconditioning to meet your specific requirements.

Each machine will be subject to the following steps:

  • Complete cleaning and dismantling.
  • Inspection and evaluation of each individual component.
  • Delivery of the structure, mechanisms, electric components and wearing parts to the workshop for its reconditioning or replacement.
  • A shot blasting is made and all the reconditioned and replaced components are painted in our facilities.
  • Setting or machine test
  • Verification of different points after the previous set up.
  • Pre-delivery inspection carried out by our engineers before sending the machine to the client.

Sold as seen


como-se-venIf you wish to carry out your own inspections and repairs, the “sold as seen” machines are a budget alternative.

They are offered for sale in the same condition as they were when moved from the working area.




sin-usoQuality machinery equipment unused and in optimal conditions.

Used and with the approval of Sertiber


usadas-aprobacionThe first quality used machine range that has the approval of Sertiber is selected from the used stock with an under average use (for their age) from users with a good reputation, but mainly from our own rental fleet.

The known background and the accurate process we follow give you both relief and a good value for money.

In our workshop, the machines are subject to the following process:

  • Background verification.
  • Complete cleaning; inspection of multiple points.
  • Inspection to check that all the functioning parts are in the tolerances of the manufacturer. Inspection of the mechanisms and wearing parts to check that they are over 60%.
  • Repair of the structure if necessary.
  • Completion of the programmed maintenance.
  • Pre-sale inspection.


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